What is Dincharya? 

Join this free workshop to have an understanding of how the Ayurvedic principles and a proper daily routine can be applied in your everyday habits for improving your overall health, maintaining balance, and preventing disease.

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In this workshop we will discuss the history, benefits and creation of a routine that best suits human life.

  • Introduction to the basic concepts of Ayurveda
  • Influences of times of day, seasons and moon cycles on the human being, and circadian rhythms.
  • What is a daily routine as taught for 7000 years?
  • How to prevent disease, and maintain health and ease.
  • Information about the upcoming Ayurveda Therapist L1 Online Course.
  • Q & A session

Ayurveda Therapist L1 Online Course

Our Ayurveda Level 1 Online Course will give you a strong foundation and prepare you for building a holistic healing practice. You will learn the foundation principles of Ayurveda, and how to use them for diagnosis and treatment. After completing the Level 1 course you can also join our Level 2 course for an in-depth study of the various disease related to several organ systems. We also conduct regular masterclasses for our alumni to help our students continue their learning journey.